The Camelbak MULE – Discover The Best Backpack For Outdoor Activities

The Camelbak M.U.L.E. (which stands for Medium-to-Ultra-Long Endeavors), is a tried-and-true, full day, daily backpack. It contains plenty of cargo room to store everything you might need for excursions lasting three or more hours under any kind of conditions. The X V ™ back panel provides cross ventilation superior to other brands that is delivered in a lightweight, comfortable design.

Electronic gear is kept handy in media pockets that are fleece-lined to protect your camera, iPod, Smartphone, or other electronic devices. This workhorse hydration pack has been a favorite of casual, serious, and professional outdoor enthusiasts for many good reasons, not the least of which is its solid construction, handy size, and easy to use design.

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You can stuff the M.U.L.E. with a surprising amount of gear that will fit easily and conveniently. You can drop it, drag it soak it, and sit on it without worry because it’s tough and meant to last. The payload can be secured as well as compressed and the padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to position the load in a number of places on your back to suit your comfort level. This just a few more reasons why the Camelbak brand remains the most popular hydration pack equipment on the market.

The new Camelbak NV vented back system is very comfortable and performs well. It permits extra airflow that other hydration packs black. Yet it remains a compact and efficient method for carrying water and other field essentials. Heavy users will appreciate the almost luxurious independent suspension harness during fast-paced outings because it practically stabilizes your payload while you’re on the move.

With plenty of gear storage and matching water capacity the pack allows you to remain out with nature all day to enjoy your outdoor activities no matter where you want to go. Some of the features of the Camelbak Mule are:

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  • The cooling capability of the Air Director ventilated back panel.
  • D-ring attachments to position the pack anywhere.
  • Integrated Velcro strips allow you to quickly attach or detach unit badges and nametags.
  • Handy pockets store and organize essential equipment and gear.
  • A unique harness and waist belt promotes load stability and improved fit.
  • Comes with a 100 fluid ounces reservoir and unique connection system.
  • Bite bit is easy to use, and locking valve ensures water doesn’t leak during transportation.
  • The compartment for the reservoir sports a perimeter zipper with easy access.
  • Plenty of zippered compartments that light to carry everything you need
  • Strap management system minimizes loose ends.
  • The packs reflective highlights that you stand out in low light.
  • Assembled in the USA from imported and domestic components.

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As you can see this backpack offers an optimal combination of organization with overflow storage that packs enough hydration capacity for more than three hours of field use. It’s unique multidirectional ventilation and that’s integrated with the reservoir helps to maintain a gravity center near your back. It also includes a dynamic suspension harness and a rain cover that’s built into the unit, making the M.U.L.E. NV ready for just about anything.

The system is not only easy to use it easy to maintain. If you only put water in the hydration system that only requires periodic cleaning, for example monthly. But if you fill it with other liquids such as juice or Gatorade then you should clean it out after each use. That’s because sugars in those types of drinks feed bacteria.

But even if you only use water, the mouthpiece backflow will eventually accumulate enough bacteria to make using the apparatus a bit distasteful. But that situation will be almost entirely isolated to the two and not affect the bladder. Just rinse it out with a light bleach wash once per year or after a heavy use. You can try it out completely by blowing air through the tube while holding the bladder upside down. If the do-it-yourself route is not appealing, you always have the option of buying a cleaning kit.

This backpack will be one of the most comfortable packs you’ll ever use. It provides a generous amount of back padding in ventilation. It’s amazingly adjustable and it even has padding on the waist belt. It’s very stable for hiking and bike riding and it’s easy for most of the weight to be adjusted tightly to the body.

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When you thirsty you won’t have much trouble taking a drink. Water flow is excellent with high delivery with a minimal amount of effort. The unit design even overcomes the biggest drawbacks suffered by other brands of hydration packs, and that is to give you the ability to easily check how much water you have left. The M.U.L.E. solves this problem with a large L-shaped zipper giving you an easy way to see how much water remains.

The bladder for the backpack is also very easy to fill. All you do is just pull it out after unzipping the back panel. It has a convenient plastic handle so you can hold the reservoir almost perfectly flat to achieve a maximum fill. This is especially handy when filling from shallow sinks or drinking fountains that only emit a trickle of water. After it’s filled, it easily slides back into its dedicated zip pocket.

Considering how much equipment they can store, this pack is very light weight when compared with competitors. It’s durable and it will leak and you can expect it to last much longer than the competition before the bladder or any of the parts need replacement.

Cleaning is a snap, and there are convenient hidden plastic clips stored under the handle for you to use to help the bladder completely dry out.

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You’ll give the Camelbak Mule high marks for its storage capacity compared to its weight. It has lots of storage room but still manages to maintain a low weight profile and still carry a three liter water reservoir. This gives the M.U.L.E. just the right balance of being lightweight and still have plenty of space for a day out in nature.

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